End-to-end solution for Point-of-Care
manufacturing of medical devices

streamline the workflow for production of custom-made medical devices, from segmentation to quality management documentation. All within one integrated, cloud-based solution.

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fusedbone enables medical centers to
safely produce their patient-specific
medical devices on-site.

Fusedbone is the only platform that offers end-to-end cloud-based medical device production service. From design to workflow management and quality assurance documentation, Fusedbone brings the complete package tailored for point-of-care manufacturing.

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We use image proccessing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design and deliver the best custom-made medical device package


Medical Image

CT scan or MRI is done at the hospital according to protocols provided by Fusedbone



We receive the DICOM files on the platform and segment them using CE approved segmentation software



A custom medical device design will be made using the 3D model generated from the medical images, and the design will be validated using simulation and verified by the corresponding doctor


Production Execution

A set of manufacturing procedures will be identified according to the type of the designed medical device, specifically tailored to the equipmemt available at the hospital.


QMS and PMS Documentation

Technical files, QMS and other required documents will be created automatically at every step, and packed into a final book


Final Product

The custom medical device will be 3D printed and post processed according to procedures, and delivered to the corresponding doctor in less than 24 hours

Actually, We know costs and numbers matter!


Using Fusedbone's service, each medical device will be designed and built specific to each patient. We will also help cut costs on logistics, inventory, OR and rehabilitation of patients. Your patient-specific medical devices can be more affordable than an off-the-shelf device.

62 minutes
saved in operation time using custom anatomical models
23 minutes
minutes saved in operation time using custom surgical guides
100% perfect anatomical fit to every patient
24 hours
from medical image to medical device

input comes from ‘Ballard et al., Medical 3D printing cost-savings in Orthopedic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Science Direct, 2019.

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fusedbone enables medical centers to produce their patient-specific medical devices on-site.